Musikfest 2016 Report

Plaza Tropical
Tuesday, August 9, 2016
Hello All,
Thank you for the continual dedication and support of Herb Heffner and Vicky Serrao, who helped me audition students at Jacobs Music Store in Whitehall, Pa. It was here that Mirta Heffner, again served as a warm, welcoming hostess, and made all the students feel relaxed and organized. THANK YOU to a GREAT TEAM!........ I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!!!
On that day, students from the studios of Stephanie Condelli, Janice Derstine, Lori Huth, Arianna Goldina, Herbert Heffner, Susan Kuntz, Rosemary Murdy-Haber, Vicky Serrao, and Elizabeth Zemanek were selected to perform on August 9, 2016 at Plaza Tropical at Musikfest. I want to publically thank all of them for sending such talented students, who made our professional organization again look outstanding. We had 14 vocal performers and 20 pianists who entertained a large audience for over an hour. 
This year, I found it necessary to ask the production team on the stage at Plaza Tropical to allow us to begin at 2:15pm instead of the required 2:30 start time. They accepted my request so we would have enough time to satisfy the 73 minutes of repertoire needed to complete all the students’ repertoire. I want to thank the teachers who assisted their students in making the necessary changes to the selections so it met our timing restrictions. I must admit, I had to “strong arm” the person in charge of the stage so as to not be in serious jeopardy of being preempted.
However in the future, we will need to keep performance time less than 60 minutes to allow for applause and introduction and closing statements. 
Again, I also would like to thank Vicky Serrao and her husband, Greg, for graciously donating the cost of printing the programs. A much appreciated gesture!
My reflection of that sunny, 90-degree afternoon is that I was most proud of our organization. Everything went off without a glitch. The “spot on” perfect timing was a tribute to the momentum of the program moving along in a smooth manner, which made the audience want to join us in the audience next year. The quality of the repertoire, along with the students’ professional mannerisms, dress, stage presence, and memory skills, showcased our organization with the respect and dignity it deserves. So in closing, I welcome the opportunity to present our LVPMTA chapter of students and teachers at Musikfest 2017….because I am proud to be your ambassador for this event.
Rosemary Murdy-Haber
Musikfest Recital Coordinator