Musikfest 2015

Plaza Tropical
Monday, August 10, 2015
Hello All,
Today, a large crowd gathered to hear a great hour of repertoire performed by our local PA Music Teachers Association at Plaza Tropical at  Musikfest .
Again, I want to personally and publically thank Herb Heffner and Vicky Serrao for donating their time by helping me with the audition process last month. Mirta Heffner again served as a warm welcoming hostess and made all the students feel relaxed and organized. THANK YOU to a GREAT TEAM!........ I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!!!
This year we heard students perform music from many outstanding teachers’ studios, namely Carolyn Anderson, Janice Derstine, Arianna Goldina, Herb Heffner, Susan Kuntz, Mary Ann Saylor, Martha Schrempel, Vicky Serrao, and myself. Another GREAT TEAM! Since we only had one (1) hour of time allotted to showcase our students, the audition process needed to be very selective this year. We were only able to take 50% of the students that auditioned, which I’m certain, was disappointing to many students and teachers. Perhaps next year, we might be given more time and more students will be able to participate. On a more positive note, we had an equally balanced program with 11 pianists, 2 violinists, and 10 vocalists. Many audience members told me the program had variety, with a good mix of musical selections and left them wanting to hear more. The “spot on” perfect timing was a tribute to the momentum of the program moving along in a smooth manner which made the audience want to join us in the audience next year.
Again, I also would like to thank Vicky Serrao and her husband, Greg, for graciously donating the cost of printing the programs at Staples. A much appreciative gesture!
As I reflect on a rainy but PERFECT afternoon filled with stunning music, I was most proud of our organization. The stagehands pre-set all equipment in a timely fashion, the mics were placed perfectly for the vocalists and violinists, the audience was supportive and appreciative, and everything went off without a glitch. The quality of repertoire along with the students’ professional mannerisms, stage presence, and memory skills, showcased our organization with the respect and dignity it deserves. So in closing, I welcome the opportunity to present our LVPMTA chapter of students and teachers at Musikfest 2016….because I was proud to be your ambassador for this event.
Rosemary Murdy-Haber
Musikfest Recital Coordinator