2016 Play-A-Thon

Our annual Hannah Young Play-a-Thon was held the weekend of February 27 and 28, 2016 at the South Mall again this year, after several years of holding this event at the Palmer Park Mall.  Three venues were graced with pianos donated by John Zeiner and Sons, and 18 studios were represented, with 261 students participating.  These included vocalists again this year, as well as pianists.  We received donations for the goody bags from Utz, Just Born, Youngs Music, Jacobs Music, Provident Bank (Hamilton St. branch), and many of our teachers.  Over $7,000 was raised, which came from the student pledges, cash donations at the event, and a generous donation from the South Mall.
Three students won free tunings donated by Jacobs Music at the drawing which closed the event.  They were:  MaKayla Schmid (student of Janice Derstine), Mary Garlick (student of Gloriana Sewell), and Emma Schilling (student of Darlene Ziegler).  The winner of the drawing for a free tuning from Zeiner’s was Maggie Gareca (student of Susan Kuntz).
Susan Kuntz’s students raised the most in donations ($1040).  Coming in second was the studio of Gloriana Sewell, which brought in $725.  Third was Janice Derstine’s studio, with $535.  Great job, teachers, for encouraging this level of participation!
A $100 Amazon gift card was sent to Conor McGee, student of Carolyn Anderson, who was the top student fundraiser.  $50 gift cards were sent to the next highest fundraisers, Sarah Staack  (student of Deb Fleming) and Josh Doule (student of Lori Huth).  Gift certificates from Young’s Music were awarded to Asa, Elijah and Gabriel Ligowski (students of Gloriana Sewell), who were tied for fourth place.  Congratulations to these students and teachers and to all who helped to raise these much-needed funds.  It is much appreciated by all of us!
All in all, the 2016 Play-a-Thon was a success.  Thanks to all who helped make it so!  And special thanks to Kris Fosbenner for her hard work in doing the scheduling, and to our Chairperson Sue Kuntz for her tireless efforts toward making this the most successful PAT in several years!
Cherie Murray, LVMTA Play-a-Thon Co-chair