2016 Metropolitan Opera Trip


Yet again, we had great success running another early in the year trip to the Met.  This was accomplished with great support from many of our teachers.  I would like to thank Carolyn Anderson, Janice Derstine, Keren Ligowski, Martha Schrempel, Gloriana Sewell and Darlene Ziegler for all promoting and sending their students on this trip.  We had 38 students and 4 teacher chaperones attend.  Many of these students were sixth graders and first time opera goers!  This year we had wonderful orchestra seats that were listed online as selling for $250 each.  The ushers told me that this particular performance had the largest amount of students attending of any previous opera. 
Students were sent a study packet and listening resources to prepare for the opera.   We reviewed much of the materials together on the bus and our Met rep was yet again very pleased with the knowledge of the opera and wonderful behavior that our students demonstrated.  Many thanks to Laura Stanell, from the Derstine and Sewell studios, who was seated next to the volunteer, for representing our group in such a fine manner!  The manager of the gift shop approached me and remarked that our students were the most well behaved group of students he had ever encountered!   Every student said that they thoroughly enjoyed the opera.  The music was wonderful - it is Mozart at his finest.  The set and production was a bit drab and critiqued thusly in the NY Times, but the students said that they loved the opera and most said that they would attend another Met bus trip.  The students filled in a short questionnaire provided by the Met on the return trip.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Kuntz