2015 Play-A-Thon Report

Our annual Play-a-Thon took place on February 28 and March 1 at the Palmer Park Mall. Fifteen studios were represented by the students who participated. A total of $5175 was raised. The studio of Gloriana Sewell raised the most money, followed by those of Susan Kuntz and Lori Huth. Visa gift cards are being award to Elijah and Gabriel Ligowski (students of Gloriana Sewell) and Lucy Kitch-Peck (student of Vicky Serrao) for being the top three fund-raisers. Four more students tied for raising the next lower amount. They will receive gift certificates for Young’s Music Store. These students are Michele Li (student of Darlene Sydlik), Giana Pistoria (student of Cherie Murray), and John and Rebecca Derham (students of Gloriana Sewell). Two students won free turnings from Zeiner’s: Lalitha Loka (student of Sue Kuntz) and John Zemanek (student of Liz Zemanek). Three students won free turnings from Jacobs Music: Angela Chen (student of Martha Schrempel), Philip Han (student of Darlene Ziegler), and Noah Zacharia (student of Lori Huth). We are grateful to the Palmer Park Mall, Zeiner’s Pianos (for providing the pianos as well as the two free piano tunings), Young’s Music Store, and Jacobs Music for the three free tunings which they contributed. We are also grateful to Elizabeth Campbell of Jacobs Music for her help at the Mall, as well as John and Tom Zeiner who spent time with us there on Saturday. In addition we owe thanks to Utz, Just Born, and Gertrude Hawke Chocolates for their contributions for the goody bags. Thanks also to all those who participated and who helped to contribute to and stuff the goody bags for the Play-a-Thon. Chairing the event was Lori Huth with help from Cherie Murray and Deborah Fleming. Thanks to all who helped make this event a success!
Cherie Murray, LVMTA Play-A-Thon Co-Chair