2014 Musikfest Report

Plaza Tropical
Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hello All,

It was a pleasure serving as the new Musikfest Coordinator with such a wonderful turnout of talented students, attentive and supportive teachers, and a full audience.

I want to personally and publically thank Herb Heffner and Vicky Serrao for donating their time to help me with the audition process, which was extremely lengthy this year, but most rewarding. Mirta Heffner served as a warm welcoming hostess and made all the students feel relaxed and organized. THANK YOU to a GREAT TEAM!

I also want to take the time to thank Janice Derstine, Herb Heffner, Lori Huth, Susan Kuntz, Mary Ann Saylor, Martha Schrempel, and Vicky Serrao for helping me organize the students and keeping things moving along. We had a two (2) hour window of performances and keeping 43 student performers attentive and ready to perform is not always an easy task but our teachers again hit the ground running and provided assistance when needed. Another GREAT TEAM!

I also would like to thank Vicky Serrao and her husband for graciously donating the cost of printing the programs at Staples. A much appreciative gesture!

As I reflect on a PERFECT afternoon filled with stunning music, I was most proud of our organization. The students gave a stellar performance, their dress was professional, and the teachers were equally in awe with their student’s stage presence and memory skills. The weather was not too cold, not too hot…just right, the stagehands were most accommodating, the audience was appreciative, and everything went off without a glitch.  So in closing, I welcome the opportunity to present our LVPMTA chapter of students and teachers at Musikfest 2015….because it was awesome for me as well.

Rosemary Murdy-Haber
Musikfest Recital Coordinator

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