2013 Metropolitan Opera Trip

Students and chaperones gather for a group photo during their visit to Lincoln Center, NYC, on January 14. Participants viewed Rossini's Le Comte Ory at the Metropolitan Opera House.












The Met gave us a rough start this year by not sending out the information until the end of August and then not granting us our first opera choice, as they have done in the past. Despite this rocky start, we were able to see a delightful Rossini opera with a wonderful cast. Twenty-one school age students, three adult students and fifteen adults (for a total of thirty-nine) attended the opera. We are given thirty-five tickets with our membership and I was allowed to purchase four additional tickets at $10 each. The expenses for the trip were $1,247 and the income was $1,390, so we made a little money on the trip. If I am able to purchase additional tickets in the future and fill more of the bus, we could make more of a profit.

Students were sent a study packet and questionnaire to fill out about the opera, which we went over together on the bus. The students filled in an additional questionnaire on the way home and I videotaped their impressions of the opera. Every student enjoyed the trip, especially the “thunderstorm” and drunken nun scenes and they all said that they would attend another Met bus trip. I will submit these materials to the Met when I attend the workshop in February.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Kuntz