2016 Achievement Awards Auditions

This year, 25 teachers participated in AAA, with approximately 265 students performing on piano, voice, and violin; this represented 57 more students than 2015! 145 students received S+ ratings (55%), and we had four honors recitals with very high-quality performances. 11 students will receive five-year highest rating plaques, and a student of Gloriana Sewell's will be honored with a 10-year trophy.
Below are photos of students who received S+ ratings and performed in the Honors Recitals.

Martha Schrempel, AAA Chair

Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival 2016

A successful LVMTA Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival was held Saturday October 8 at Moravian College.  Thirteen teachers entered 130 students who auditioned in piano solo, piano duet, and vocal solo classes.  This represents a slight increase in participation from 2015.  A total of 94 blue ribbons were awarded. 
A big thank you goes to all teachers who worked hard to procure the judges (including last minute changes), who worked the entire day as monitors, theory room proctors, and theory correctors.  Thanks also to Erin Petrella who assisted as a volunteer runner, and to Karen El Chaar, our scheduler.  Special thanks to Gloriana Sewell for tackling multitudinous corrections in the new theory test.
We are grateful to all who participated.  Those who entered students worked long hours in this event, because as usual there were too few teachers involved to split the shifts.  The good-humored team effort of all ensured that the day would be a success!
Carolyn Anderson and Darlene Ziegler, Co-Chairs DSPF

Our Mission


To organize all music teachers in the Lehigh Valley into one professional society.

To promote public recognition of the value of music education.

To develop the potential of members and their students.

To encourage, inspire, and assist students in their study and enjoyment of music.